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Fireside Radio Theatre

Aug 4, 2018

In this epic finale to the first season of sci-fi misadventures, villains Singulus Rex and Alphus Dorn finally join forces and bring the dastardly and destructive Colossus battle station to Star Corps front door. Dash and Venus give up a perfectly good vacation to come home and attempt to save the world.



Dash- Zac Pelicano
Venus- Alecia Schulz
Commander Damocloid- Nancy Burkard
Trevor- Lucas Pelicano
Singulus Rex- Ryan Collins
Alphus Dorn- Zac Pelicano
Scourge Bridge Officer: Hailie Gold

Deep Blue Cleanse Clerk: Jonathan Marler

Colossus Navigator: Rachel Hawks

Star Corps Bridge Officer 1: Mackensie Pelicano

Star Corps Bridge Officer 2: Jonathan Marler

Spa Droid: Hailie Gold

Deck Officer Perry: Rachel Hawks

Lettie Boyerson: Hailie Gold

Shuttle Driver: Jonathan Marler

Star Corps Deck Officer: Ryan Collins

Josh Quentin: Jonathan Marler

 Recorded at Fireside Studios. All music by Gustav Holst and Richard Wagner. Underscoring for The Albion Chronicles commercial "For Originz" by Kevin McLeod.  Script by Mackensie and Zachary Pelicano. Fireside Radio Theatre is produced by Minitru Productions. 




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