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Fireside Radio Theatre

Oct 16, 2018

The first installment of the Albion Chronicles trilogy, this origin story follows Arthur through the wilds of post-Roman Britain as he comes to power from an upbringing in poverty and begins to bring his kingdom under control.

Hear the King Arthur story told in graphic, gripping detail set in the centuries between the fall of the Roman Empire and the Norman Invasion. Featuring Merlin, Guinevere, Morgan le Fay, Excalibur, Camelot and all of the other cornerstones of the Arthurian mythos, this fresh take on the legend brings the grail into both a historical and modern fantasy context. 

Stay tuned for Arthur of Camelot: The Dragon Wars, the second episode of the Albion Chronicles, coming in January 2019.


Written by Zac Pelicano. Produced by Minitru Productions. Recorded at Fireside Studios. All music by Richard Wagner, Ludwig Van Beethoven and Gustav Holst. 

Arthur Pendragon- Nathan Hamilton

Kay Smythe- Lucas Pelicano

Milner Smythe- Joseph Bogs

Rebecca Smythe- Ruth McDaniel

Merlin- Zac Pelicano

Lord Ulric Rathborne- Ryan Collins

Morgan le Fay- Mackensie Pelicano

Osmund Waller/Leodegrance- Jonathan Marler

Guinevere- Lindsay Polowczuk

Queen Allisain/Messenger- Rachel Hawks

Assorted Soldiers/Townspeople/Extras: Joseph Bogs, Rachel Hawks, Zac Pelicano, Mackensie Pelicano



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