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Fireside Radio Theatre

Dec 23, 2018

In the second episode of The Sunset Chateau we meet Sammy "Iron Teeth" Mazoni, a mob enforcer with quite the body count. He checks in to the Chateau and finds himself plagued by some small footsteps in the hall. 

A series that has been called the stylistic child of The Twilight Zone and The Shining, The Sunset Chateau traces the stories that haunt the hallways of a 1930s glamour palace in the heart of Hollywood. Tune in each episode as more tales of the bizarre and otherworldly unfold in this place outside of space and time. 


*******Production Credits**************

The Night Concierge: Zac Pelicano


Eri: Mackensie Pelicano

Cyril: Jonathan Marler

Sammy Mazoni/Coroner Grady: Zac Pelicano

Walter/Rothman: Lucas Pelicano

Children's Voices: Cameron Wilkie, Porter Bache, Andi Mneimneh

Written and directed by Zachary Pelicano, Produced by Minitru Productions and recorded at Fireside Studios. 

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