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Fireside Radio Theatre

Jan 26, 2020

In the finale of the Sunset Chateau, the mysterious and enigmatic Mr. Nichols receives a surprise visit from an unexpected guest that sets the hotel on edge. Over the course of one evening, Mr. Nichols and his visitor while away the hours discussing the secrets of the hotel, the mysteries of creation and their shared sordid past. Some questions are answered and new questions are raised in this final evening at Hollywood's most glamorous hotel. 

A series that has been called the stylistic child of The Twilight Zone and The Shining, The Sunset Chateau traces the stories that haunt the hallways of a 1930s glamour palace in the heart of Hollywood. Tune in each episode as more tales of the bizarre and otherworldly unfold in this place outside of space and time. 

*******Production Credits**************

The Night Concierge: Zac Pelicano

Eri: Mackensie Pelicano

Cyril: Jonathan Marler

Mr. Lucien Nichols: Lucas Pelicano

Mr. Michaels: Zac Pelicano

Written and directed by Zachary Pelicano, Produced by Minitru Productions and recorded at Fireside Studios. We thank you for listening.